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BE THE MEDIA University - LinkedIn QuickStart Class:



Want to learn how to use LinkedIn to connect to your audience, build your network, and brand yourself as a recognized authority in your industry? Be The Media University is happy to offer our online LinkedIn Quickstart Course; a detailed, step-by-step guide to mastering this essential marketing tool.

About LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has revolutionized professional networking, giving you access to over 65 million experts from across the globe. Potential customers, employees, partners, and helpful experts are all at your fingertips. Best of all, you can use LinkedIn to firmly establish your professional reputation.

You will learn: 


What is LinkedIn, who is on it, and what it means for you and your business.

How to create an attractive and professional account.

How to build a quality network and build on the relationships you make.

How to attract customers, partners, and clients.

All about groups and how they can extend your reach and reputation.

How to acquire valuable recommendations and testimonials, and give them to others.

How to find and connect with the top leaders and partners in your industry.

How to handle invitations, introductions, and recommendations.

How to effectively use status updates and your update page.



How to find new employment opportunities.

How to find experts, consultants, and freelancers to help you.

How to offer your expertise and services, and build demand for both.

How to find and assess potential employees.

How to build your reputation by participating in groups, asking and answering questions, and engaging in discussions.

How to efficiently manage your contacts and communications on LinkedIn.

How to connect with alumni, community, and professional organizations.



How to manage your reputation and ensure your LinkedIn activities meet the professional standards of you and your business.

How to set privacy settings to make the most of your profile without compromising security.

How to integrate your profile with your Twitter account.

How to research and find valuable information on partners and competitors.

How to use applications and other advanced features.

The do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn, where you will learn exactly what activities to avoid to prevent your account from being blocked or deleted.

How to use social media metrics tools to track if your time is being spent well and check your return on investment.

Important privacy and safety concerns that every user should know.

Case studies of individuals, business, and organizations who have used LinkedIn successfully.

Enroll in the LinkedIn Quickstart course ($99)

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BE THE MEDIA University offers both online webinar courses and in-person classroom instruction designed to teach you how to leverage all forms of media to actively engage your fans and earn more revenues.

Be The Media University’s LinkedIn Quickstart Course is an online, 2 hour webinar that will teach you everything you need to know to create a powerful presence on LinkedIn. The webinar is archived so after you enroll you can listen to the Quickstart Course whenever you like, from wherever you are… indefinitely!

David MathisonYour instructor is David Mathison, an internationally recognized media consultant, speaker, author, radio host, and hi-tech entrepreneur, with more than 25 years experience. His book, BE THE MEDIA, was featured in the NY Times after he sold over 5,000 copies in 11 days to only one follower on his web site, Twitter, and Facebook. He has spoken about LinkedIn and social networking everywhere from the United Nations to Columbia University, from Germany to Croatia.

Mathison will show you exactly the same techniques and tools he used to build his successful LinkedIn account. You will get full access to a true media expert and learn how he used LinkedIn to brand himself and build his reputation as an expert, how he quickly accumulated a quality network of professionals,  and much more.

We believe so strongly that our course will provide you with a thorough, quality education on LinkedIn that we are offering a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund the full price of the course with no questions asked.

Enroll right away!

As a gift to our first class of BE THE MEDIA University students, we are offering a generous discounts:

  • Associates: Enroll in one of our Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn classes and save $50.
  • Bachelors: Two class discount: Enroll in any two social media classes and save $50 more..
  • Masters: Three class discount: Enroll in all three classes, get one class free. You save $150!
  • Ph.D: All ten classes + six bonus classes! Get the definitive doctorate in online media. Enroll now and save $1,500!

Course curriculum, pricing, and enrollment:

Twitter Quickstart

Associates degree
Facebook Quickstart

Associates degree
LinkedIn Quickstart

Associates degree

Blockbuster Online Success System
Doctorate degree

Course curriculum here

Next class:
Course curriculum here

Next class:
Course curriculum here

Next class:
Course curriculum here

Next class:

Pricing: List = $199

Sale tuition:
Now just $149!

(YOU SAVE: $50)

Pricing: List = $199

Sale tuition:
Now just $149!

(YOU SAVE: $50)

Pricing: List = $199

Sale tuition:
Now just $149!

(YOU SAVE: $50)

Pricing: List = $1,999

Sale tuition was $1,499:
Now just $499!

(YOU SAVE: $1,500)

Enroll in Twitter
Quickstart course for $149
Enroll in the Facebook Quickstart course for $149
Enroll in LinkedIn
Quickstart course for $149
Invest in your future
for just $499

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  • Bachelors Degree: 2 class discount! Instead of $298, now just $249:
    http://www.mcssl.com/netcart/images/cart_buttons/cart_button_3.gif Enroll in any two courses right now, and save $50!

  • Masters Degree: 3 class discount! Instead of $447, all three classes now only $299:
    http://www.mcssl.com/netcart/images/cart_buttons/cart_button_3.gif Enroll in all three courses today, and save $150 = get one class free!

  • Ph.D Degree (BOSS): All 10 classes + 6 bonus classes for JUST $499! Earn the definitive doctorate in online media.
    http://www.mcssl.com/netcart/images/cart_buttons/cart_button_3.gif For a LIMITED TIME, get all 16 archived courses for just $499!

  • Enroll in the BOSS Ph.D program NOW and save $1,500. The list price of the complete, live November 2010 class was $1,999. It was offered for a first-semester discount price of $1,499. The archived courses will soon sell for a list price of $999. ENROLL NOW FOR JUST $499!

Satisfaction guaranteed: All courses come with a 60-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!

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In-person classroom instruction:

Our face-to-face classes and lectures are perfect for teaching groups of executives, managers, and employees at both non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as administrators, teachers and students at educational institutions.

We can personalize and tailor our classroom courses to fit your unique requirements.

Are you:

  • An executive trying to decide how to best leverage social media for your organization?
  • A company manager giving direction to employees using social media?
  • A teacher or parent concerned about the online security of your students or children?
  • An author, musician, filmmaker, activist, publicist, entrepreneur, coach, mastermind leader, or consultant looking to get more exposure for yourself or your clients?

Send us an email and let us know your requirements.

Satisfaction guaranteed: All courses come with a 60-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!

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