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David Mathison

David Mathison is the curator of the Chief Digital Officer summit and founder of the CDO Club.

Mathison is the world’s leading authority on Chief Digital and Data officers, and has been quoted by American Banker, CIO.com, CIO-UK, CMS Wire, CNBC, Computer Weekly, Computerworld, Diginomica, EdTech Magazine, FedTech Magazine, Fierce CIO, Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, Huffington Post, I-CIO, McKinsey & Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet, among others.

He was previously the founder and Managing Director of the Digital Media practice at Chadick Ellig, a premiere executive search consultancy named by Business Week as “one of the world’s most influential headhunters.

Mathison’s book, BE THE MEDIA, was featured in the NY Times after he pre-sold over 5,000 copies in 11 days via his web site, Twitter, and Facebook.

He has given keynote presentations everywhere from Columbia University to the United Nations (3 times in 2010), from Austin (SXSW) and Amsterdam to Zagreb, Croatia.

From 1999-2001 he was founder and CEO of the Kinecta Corporation where he raised $30 million in under 2 years. Kinecta was acquired and is now part of Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL).

From 1994-1999 Mathison was Vice President with Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, where he pioneered online content syndication.

Mathison earned his Masters degree from Columbia University in 1995.

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David Mathison is an internationally recognized media expert with more than 20 years experience in content distribution. Some of the world's largest - and smallest - publishers use his solutions to directly connect with massive audiences for maximum exposure. His legacy provides global citizens with free news, financial data, audio and video information on the web's most popular sites.

BE THE MEDIA is an extension of Mathison's award-winning work in eliminating inefficiencies in publishing, providing all participants with more egalitarian, democratic and open systems. The book is the result of a decentralized, collaborative effort by some of today's leading media activists, educators and experts. BE THE MEDIA offers solid, practical and proven techniques that show artists how to inexpensively create and widely distribute their content.

Mathison has been interviewed by Dow Jones, Reuters, Publish, Upside and EContent, among many others. Mathison's initiatives have covered by leading analysts including Forrester Research, JupiterMedia, Yankee Group, Giga Group, META Group, Delphi, Gartner Group, Patricia Seybold Group, IDC, Outsell and the UK-based firms Ovum, NetImperatives and Bloor Research, among others.

Articles on Mathison have appeared on CNN.com, in the Financial Times, the Harvard Business Review, Esther Dyson's Release 1.0, Fortune, Upside, The New York Times, Computer Letter, the Seybold Report, Demo Letter, CNet, Red Herring, MacWorld, Internet Week, InfoWorld, Computer World, Interactive Week, Information Week, Newspapers and Technology and XML.com, among many others. He was invited by Inc. Magazine to join a panel of CEOs to evaluate barter sites.

As speaker, panelist, moderator or chairman, Mathison has presented at conferences across all segments of the media, such as Digital Hollywood, Book Tech, Streaming Media, Seybold Publishing, Internet World, and Internet Outlook, among many others. In July 2004 he was Chairman of Publicity for "Declarations of Media Independence" conference. Internationally, he has appeared at UK Online, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Cairo Book Fair, and he made presentations entirely in Spanish to librarians throughout Central and South America.

Mathison currently serves on the following boards:

  • Home Aid America: a non-profit organization that builds and maintains dignified housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their lives. HomeAid’s shelters serve abused children, victims of domestic violence, homeless veterans, at-risk teens, people living with HIV/AIDS, the temporarily unemployed, and victims of natural disasters and other catastrophes.

  • Speakers Without Borders: an international non-profit created to support professional speakers who are committed to inspiring the human spirit in under-served communities though the power of the spoken word. (Treasurer and founding Board member)

Mathison previously served on the following boards:

  • Board of Conveners: Marin Community Media Center. The board co-wrote the by-laws and selected the founding Board of Directors for Marin's new non-profit community media center. (San Rafael, CA. 2007-8)

  • Board of Directors: The Mountain Play Association. (Mill Valley, CA. 2007-8)

  • Board of Directors: Media Freedom Foundation: supports First Amendment organizations and investigative research (Sonoma, CA. 2008-2011).

  • Board of Directors: Webhood.org is a non-profit entity whose mission is to break down income related barriers to computer education for underprivileged and at-risk youth (Cambridge, MA).

  • Advisory Board: StyleMob.com, an online community for fashion inspiration. Bought by Glam (12/07)

  • Advisory Board: San Francisco Dragons, a Major League Lacrosse team (2006-8)

Mathison holds a B.A. from the State University of New York, and a Masters degree in International Business with a focus in East Asian studies from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

Mathison's full Resume can be found here.

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Kinecta Corporation (1998 - 2001) Chairman and CEO. Kinecta enables large publishers to manage robust content relationships. 

Dubbed a "Napster for Adults," Kinecta won awards from Seybold Publishing, ComputerWorld and Crossroads

Kinecta was acquired by Stellent Inc, a provider of enterprise content management solutions with over 4,400 customers, including much of the Global 2000.

In November 2006, Stellent was acquired by Oracle for $440 million.

Some of the world's most trusted and respected publishers used the Kinecta syndication platform:



Reuters, Ltd (1994 - 1999) Vice President, Syndication. Mathison created numerous products that enabled Reuters' to pioneer the business model of content syndication on the internet.

Mathison's products allowed millions of global internet users to view free financial data, news, photos, audio, video and multimedia content.  Giving the general public free and direct access to critical breaking news makes them better informed citizens and decision-makers.

Reuters is the world's largest international news and television agency with journalists, photographers and camera operators in 216 news bureaus. <NASDAQ: RTRSY>  <FTSE: RTR.L>

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ComputerWorld Magazine "Top 100 Emerging Companies to Watch, 2001

"Kinecta was selected for providing innovative technology and solutions that streamline content delivery, allowing companies to bypass the use of an intermediary."

"Kinecta's content distribution infrastructure reduces the cost of doing business online and increases the value of business relationships by automating the distribution and management of information and content between networked partners and affiliates."

Crossroads A-List" Award (2001)
"Content syndication is a proven application within the media and publishing industries and is rapidly being adopted as a foundation for business-to-business commerce and collaboration," said Nina G. Lytton, editor of the Crossroads A-List Awards. "Kinecta Interact helps companies tighten their relationships with partners and gives IT managers the opportunity to standardize previously undisciplined processes for which they were held accountable."

Seybold Report on Internet PublishingHot Pick (2000)
The Seybold Hot Picks spotlight exceptional products and technologies that are particularly relevant to professional publishing. "Content syndication is becoming an important topic for many publishers. Any publisher interested in broadening the availability of its content should take a look at Kinecta Interact," said Patricia Evans, managing editor, Seybold Publications.

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Be The Media

How to Create and Accelerate Your Message...Your Way

Compiled by David Mathison (natural E creative, 2009)
Forewords by Kevin Kelly and Douglas Rushkoff

The goal of BE THE MEDIA is to promote positive social change by enabling people-powered, community-based, participatory media.

The book helps independent artists create and distribute content without selling their royalties, rights or souls in the process.

Published in June 2009.


"Killer Content" by Mai-lan Thomsen (Addison Wesley; 2000
From Foreword by David Mathison:

"The worlds of content, commerce and advertising on the Internet are colliding and intersecting, unlocking tremendous new opportunities and revenue streams.  The merchandising of content allows publishers to turn content into a product that can be cataloged, inventoried and sold.  Content providers that understand and leverage this fundamental shift can merchandize and syndicate their digital assets to take advantage of new pricing, advertising, and distribution models.  These new models unlock powerful and diversified revenue streams on the Internet that were previously unimaginable"
"Inside Secrets to Venture Capital" by Brian E Hill and Dee Power (Wiley; 2001)
Excerpts from Mathison's quotes:
"What do the VCs contribute to your company?"
"Insight, advice, contacts, experience, and, of course, capital."
"What surprised you about working with VCs?"
"The ecosystem of the VC community and where each particular VC fits in.  An entrepreneur needs to know a VCs investment portfolio criteria, what stage company they invest in, and what percentage stake they prefer."
"XML Handbook" by Brian Goldfarb (Prentice Hall)
XML Handbook, 4.0; Fourth Edition (2001)
XML Handbook, 3.0; Third Edition (2000)
Kinecta was quoted in the third and fourth editions, and contributed a chapter on the implementation of ICE (Information Content and Exchange) in the third edition.

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Radio Interviews:

Carol Brouillet: "Media Renaissance: From Selling War to Serving Life" (November 12, 2007)
This interview with BE THE MEDIA publisher David Mathison compares today's digital media renaissance with previous pivotal periods in human history such as the Axial Age (800-200 BC), the Carolingian Renaissance (800-900 AD), and the European Renaissance (1400-1700 AD).
Julie Motz - Force and Feeling (September 4, 2007)
Author, healer, and KWMR radio host of Force and Feeling Julie Motz interviews David Mathison about his book, BE THE MEDIA, and his community media activism.  A transcript will be available soon.
The Tony Trupiano Show (April 12, 2005)
Tony Trupiano, host of The Tony Show, interviews David Mathison about his upcoming book, BE THE MEDIA. They discuss how independents and progressives can be successful without selling their souls to corporate media. Mr. Trupiano was a Democratic candidate for Congress in 2006.
The Ronn Owens Show (January 12, 2005)
KGO radio host and Voice of Reason author Ronn Owens interviews David Mathison about FCC Chairman Michael Powell. Ronn's interview with Michael Powell was interrupted towards the end by surprise caller Howard Stern. The original audio broadcast interview of Michael Powell by Ronn Owens, interupted at the end by surprise caller Howard Stern (plus transcript!), is available on the BE THE MEDIA blog.

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TV Appearances:

KMVT Mountain View (October 4, 2007)
Mel Van Deusen interviews author and publisher David Mathison about his book, BE THE MEDIA. Video will be available soon.
CBS KPIX-5, San Francisco (September 27, 2007)
David Mathison was moderator of the California State Senate forum, featuring incumbent State Senator Carole Migden and candidates Assemblyman Mark Leno and SF Police Commissioner Joe Alioto Veronese. The event was covered by CBS-5 KPIX reporter Manuel Ramos.
Be The Media - Community Media Panel Series (September 6, 2007)
David Mathison
hosted a panel on Community Media with guests Larry Bragman, Mayor of Fairfax, CA and member of the Marin Telecommunications Agency; Julie Akins, Executive Director of Petaluma Community Access; Attorney Peter Franck, Chairman of Media Action Marin; and Flor Emert, Director of the Marin Community Media Center.
The panel explored the benefits of community media, and the opportunities for continued operational funding of Marin's new facility.
The Marin Report (February, 2005)
Curtis Kim of the multiple award-winning Marin Report interviews author and publisher David Mathison.
The interview discusses Mathison's upcoming book, BE THE MEDIA.
KGO-TV's Business Now (February, 2001)
Stephanie Abrams interviews Kinecta Corporation Chairman and CEO David Mathison.
This interview focuses on the importance of syndication to both traditional and online businesses.

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Articles and Interviews:

Democracy Now! Democracy Now! (April 2007)
Be The Media
is featured as a success story for Democracy Now!
"A chapter in the book describes how a lecture given by Amy Goodman inspired Marin County, CA media activists to have Democracy Now! broadcast on the local public access station. By mobilizing community support, they won the right to a community media center with local public access channels, and a $2.5 million grant from Comcast."
SFBG Logo San Francisco Bay Guardian (April 2006)
In SF Bay Guardian's "Free the press" issue,
Be The Media is featured as a group helping to reform San Francisco Bay media, along with Media Action Marin, Media-Alliance, and the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME).
EContent Magazine's Guide to the Content Companies to Watch (2002)
The article mentions the importance of Kinecta's patent-pending content tracking technology, Content Metrics, developed by Kinecta co-founders Arthur Do, Adam Souzis and David MathisonContent Metrics provides companies with usage statistics for their syndicated content on partner sites.  It can record click-throughs of URLs embedded in content, providing page view and unique visitor data for designated content packages.
Pulse Q & A with David Mathison (February 2001)
In this Publish Magazine interview, David Mathison explores the reasons for founding the Kinecta Corporation, which provides infrastructure that streamlines the syndication process for global content providers such as Fidelity, the Financial Times, the Economist and Reuters.  It also looks at his role as former vice president of global syndication for Reuters, where he built products in the mid-1990's designed to deliver Reuters financial, text, audio, video and multimedia content over the internet instead of costly satellite, FM and terrestrial methods.
Do-It-Yourself Syndication pg 1  pg 2  (April 2001)
In this interview/profile, David Mathison discusses the importance of using a syndication platform like Kinecta's because it provides a direct connection between content providers and subscribers, as opposed to an outsourced service with an intermediary in the middle.  This is especially true for publishers that wish to maintain full control over their content, brand and partnerships.
Knowledge Management Magazine (February 22, 2001)
David Mathison asserts that companies can fully realize the value of their content by leveraging the syndication model - the simultaneous publication of content to multiple outlets. 
Syndication of content can strengthen alliances, benefit partners, attract users, increase market reach of a content provider's brand, reduce the costs of acquiring new customers and generate incremental revenue through subscription fees or advertising revenue share.
An Interview with David Mathison of Kinecta (January 29, 2001)
From this interview with David Mathison: "Syndication technology plays a key role in the content distribution process, and it is an essential tool for the materialization of any business model based on online content...Kinecta has been the among the very first companies to enter this space. David Mathison, founder and CEO, has been around a long time..."
Tech Companies See the Importance of Collaboration (January 11, 2001)
In this interview with Upside, David Mathison discusses how painful it was to distribute digital assets in the early 1990's, since all the big players - AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, etc. - had proprietary online systems. To deliver content, one had to write in the Blackbird format to deliver to Microsoft, or Rainman to get into AOL.  The environment was a heterogeneous mess, therefore only large publishers could leverage the syndication model.
 Interactive Week (November 13, 2000)
"Realizing the Value of Online Content." In this article David Mathison wrote for Ziff Davis, he
discusses syndicated distribution and exchange with other companies to mutual advantage.

Article and interview archive:
Here are more articles and interviews with David Mathison.
Here is a detailed list of articles related to David Mathison, his products, companies, and work.

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About the Publisher:

Based in California with a New York sales office, natural E creative group is a diversified media company with properties in print, broadcast, interactive and licensed goods.

natural E creative publishes the book and Internet presence for "Be The Media." David Mathison has been Chairman and CEO since 2002.

Interview or Contact David Mathison:

1110 Jericho Turnpike
Second Floor
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Tel: (516) 488-1143
Fax: (516) 488-4111
E-mail: david@bethemedia.com

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