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David Mathison

David Mathison is the curator of the Chief Digital Officer summit and founder of the CDO Club.

Mathison is the world’s leading authority on Chief Digital and Data officers, and has been quoted by American Banker, CIO.com, CIO-UK, CMS Wire, CNBC, Computer Weekly, Computerworld, Diginomica, EdTech Magazine, FedTech Magazine, Fierce CIO, Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, Huffington Post, I-CIO, McKinsey & Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet, among others.

He was previously the founder and Managing Director of the Digital Media practice at Chadick Ellig, a premiere executive search consultancy named by Business Week as “one of the world’s most influential headhunters.

Mathison’s book, BE THE MEDIA, was featured in the NY Times after he pre-sold over 5,000 copies in 11 days via his web site, Twitter, and Facebook.

He has given keynote presentations everywhere from Columbia University to the United Nations (3 times in 2010), from Austin (SXSW) and Amsterdam to Zagreb, Croatia.

From 1999-2001 he was founder and CEO of the Kinecta Corporation where he raised $30 million in under 2 years. Kinecta was acquired and is now part of Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL).

From 1994-1999 Mathison was Vice President with Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, where he pioneered online content syndication.

Mathison earned his Masters degree from Columbia University in 1995.


Kiyo Akasaka “I write to express my appreciation for your participation in yesterday's meeting on social media and for your valuable contribution to our efforts to embrace new media at the United Nations. I note with interest your innovative ideas, such as harnessing the willingness of the public to work on special projects. As you have rightly pointed out, people are eager to find connections and to align themselves with a worthy cause. This, indeed, carries a great potential, and I hope that in the coming months we are successful in translating those ideas into action.”
- Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations
Sree Sreenivasan “As someone who has booked hundreds (thousands?) of speakers in 17 years at Columbia and for various other organizations, I can tell you that David is an ideal speaker. He knows his stuff, is witty, and can motivate a group like very few others can. He works well with a crowd of hundreds or with an intimate group of decision-makers - he's done both kinds of gigs for me. Book him and you'll want him back almost immediately.”
- Professor Sree Sreenivasan: Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
Kent Collins “David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA presentation provides a reawakening of spirit for practicing journalists and is a guidebook for citizens eager to communicate in the big sense. At the Southeastern Europe New Media Conference hosted by the US Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia in November 2009, David had both journalists and citizens in rapt attention to his creative ideas and practical suggestions.”
- Kent S. Collins, Chairman, Radio-Television Journalism Faculty, Missouri School of Journalism; Conference Director (hosted by the US Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia)
Jeremy Harris Lipschultz  David Mathison is one of the top speakers to visit campus in my 21 years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He was comfortable collaborating with students, faculty and professionals. Omaha Press Club Foundation board members rated him very highly. David helped our faculty to understand the huge changes underway in the media business. Less than one month after his visit, we had rewritten the mission, vision and goals statements for the entire School of Communication to reflect a new way of thinking about our media curriculum. David helped us to get there.
Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, Ph.D., Professor & Director, School of Communication, The University of Nebraska at Omaha
“David Mathison was easily one of the top speakers we've had in our 34-year-history ... the audience couldn't get enough of him! Everyone was totally riveted to what David had to say!”
- Irwin Zucker: Founder, President Emeritus, Book Publicists of Southern California; President, Promotion in Motion
Michael Steve Gregory
“David Mathison is a wildly informative presenter whose entrepreneurial prowess, personal knowledge, and genuine understanding of how to build an author's platform through the smart use of accessible, inclusive-media technologies both inspires and empowers.”
- Michael Steven Gregory: Executive Director, Southern California Writers' Conference

“David was the perfect choice for the Keynote address at our 2008 Western Region Alliance for Community Media, held at Denver's impressive Cable Center. David's comprehensive understanding of the evolving media landscape, and the opportunity these changes represent for widespread, popular involvement in a new form of democratic, participatory media shone through in each word of his inspiring presentation.”
- Tony Shawcross: Executive Director, Open Media Foundation

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Global University/Journalism Publishing Corporate/Trades Moderator/Host
Activism Bookstores, Libraries Technology All events Video

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United Nations United Nations US Embassy United Nations
United Nations
Making the Most
of Social Media
New York, NY
June, 2010
United Nations
The Changing Media
Landscape, 2010
New York, NY
January, 2010
US Embassy
The Digital Transition:
Media in SE Europe

Zagreb, Croatia
November, 2009
United Nations
Social Media and the UN:
Engaging the Public

New York, NY
December, 2009
The Entrepreneur Factor
Social Media for Entrepreneurs
Amsterdam and Berlin
November, 2009


Queens College (CUNY)
Traditional Publicity and Social Media
March, 2011
Medgar Evers College
Traditional Publicity and Social Media
February, 2011
PACE University
Traditional Publicity and Social Media
February, 2011

Belmont University
New Century Journalism
New Journalism for a
New World

May, 2010

SUNY Brockport
Sonoma State University
Media, Culture, and Newsmaking in the Information Age
March, 2010
Inaugural Western NY
College Media Convention
Sustainable Journalism and
the New Media Revolution

March, 2010
Society for
Professional Journalists
Dinner and Roundtable Discussion

March, 2010
University of Nebraska, Omaha
School of Communication
Social Media, Sustainable Journalism, Tools for Change
February, 2010
Columbia University School of Journalism
Creighton University
Apple Authorized Training Ctr
Social Media, Sustainable Journalism, Tools for Change
February, 2010

Occidental College
Social Media for Social Justice
February, 2010

Omaha Press Club
Dinner and
Roundtable discussion

February, 2010
Columbia University Columbia-Hearst
Journalism Dialogues

Changing Media Landscape
November, 2009
University of Missouri School of Journalism
Penn State University
Don Davis, Ethical Leadership
Entrepreneurial Media Models, Activism, and Policy
November, 2009
New York Institute of Technology
Social Media in Academia
October, 2009
Hofstra University
School of Communication
Sustainable Journalism and
the New Media Revolution
September, 2009

University of Missouri
School of Journalism
Entrepreneurial Journalism
August, 2009

Baruch College in the City of New York
Sustainable Journalism
March, 2009
Park Center,
Ithaca College

Inaugural Symposium on
Independent Media

September, 2008


Fair Media Council
New Jersey Connection Day
Social Media Workshop
May, 2010

Center for Independent Publishing
Self-Promotion for Indies!
May, 2010
Greater LA Writer's Society
Self-Promotion for Authors:
Successful Guerrilla Marketing

March, 2010
Bay Area Ind Pub Assoc
Social Media: From Conversation to Participation
March, 2010
Center for Independent Publishing
Indie Book Fair
Self-Promotion for Indies!
March, 2010
Southern California Writers' Conference
Social Media to Build Your Brand and Sell More Books
February, 2010
Book Publicists of
Southern California

Romancing the Media:
How to Woo and Win 'em Over
February, 2010
Publishers Association
of Los Angeles
Social Media to Build Your Brand and Sell More Books
February, 2010
Publishing University
Fair Media Council
Connection Day
Guide To Twittering, and
Why You Should
October, 2009
Writers Digest
The Business of Publishing
Break Free of the Bookstore:
Driving Your Online Sales
September, 2009
Publishers Association
of Los Angeles

Social Media for Authors
and Publishers
June, 2009
IBPA's Publishing University
Advanced Track: Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools
May, 2009
New England News Forum
Sharing the News: Reaching Students, Training Citizens
June, 2008
IBPA's Publishing Univ
Advanced Track: Social Media
and Web 2.0 Tools
May, 2008

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Featured Speaker
National Speakers Assoc
Social Media for Speakers
July 17-20, 2010

Closing Keynote
Public Relations Society
Social Media for PR Pros
June 17-19, 2010

Moderator, Keynote
New Jersey Social Media
Media Renaissance

June 18 2010

Featured Speaker
Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle
Social Media for Entrepreneurs
Featured Speaker
Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle
Social Media for Entrepreneur
September 2009

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Community Internet: Access as a Public Utility
December, 2008

CA Democratic State Senate Candidate's Forum
April, 2008

Q&A with Norman Solomon
Film: War Made Easy

April, 2008

Digital Inclusion Summit: Community Internet for All
February, 2008


CA Democratic State Senate Candidate's Forum
September, 2007

Q&A with Norman Solomon
Film: War Made Easy

April, 2007

Celebrate Independent Media
With Amy Goodman
September, 2006
We Media Conference
Miami, FL
March, 2010

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San Francisco State Univ
Gandhi-King-Chavez Seasons of Non-Violence Practice
Social Media and Activism
March, 2010

Lullalee Productions
Art for Literacy Benefit Concert and Silent Auction

November, 2008

Alliance for Community Media
Access Without Borders: New Frontiers in Community Media

Denver, CO
October, 2008

The National Conference
on Media Reform
Minneapolis, MN
June, 2008

Independent Media Strategy Summit
Truths in Santa Cruz!
Santa Cruz, CA
January, 2008

San Francisco State University
Daily Acts for Balanced Living

San Francisco, CA
November, 2007

National Conference on Media Reform
Organizing for Cable Access in a Changing Regulatory Environment

January, 2007
Declarations of Media Independence
Chairman, Publicity
University of San Francisco
July 1-4, 2004

Book Passage Jacob Burns Film Center
Featured Keynote
Author Tries To Beat Al Gore
Book Passage Bookstore
March, 2010

Featured Keynote
Tweetup Renaissance
Jacob Burns Film Center
January, 2010

Featured Keynote
Build Your Audience
Katonah, NY Library
January, 2010
Featured Keynote
Media Renaissance
Ridgefield, CT Library
December, 2009

NewsTools, 2008
Citizen Journalism
Co-Sponsor at Yahoo!
April, 2008

Book Tech West
New Opportunities in
Content Syndication

July, 2001

Internet Content Conference
Aggregation, Syndication...
and the latest trends

July, 2001

Streaming Media
Streaming News and Information
June, 2001

Seybold Seminars
Syndication and New
Content Delivery Methods

April, 2001

Internet World
Syndication: Distributing Your Own Content
March, 2001

Digital Hollywood
Using Syndication to Enhance
Your Business Model

March, 2001

SRI's Web Metrics
Measuring Content Usage
Across a Syndicated Network

Software Industry Assoc
Monetizing Digital Content
Syndication: Building Your Brand Online
September, 2000

Technologic Partners
Internet Outlook Conference
Syndication Market Overview
Burlingame, CA.
September, 2000

Seybold Publishing Conference
Syndication: Moving, Managing, and Monetizing Content
San Francisco, CA
August, 2000

Cap Ventures
Dynamic Content Conf
Using Syndicated Content
San Francisco, CA.
May, 2000

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Hot Topics:

NOTE: We work with conference planners and event organizers to expand or refine these topics, and to personalize presentations to maximize audience participation.

Here's an example of David's top requested keynotes, seminars, workshops, topics, and college courses:

Keynotes Seminars Workshops Other Topics College Courses
New Media Renaissance Social Media: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Books: Self-publishing and promotion Citizen Journalism: Opportunities & Dangers Classes using BE THE MEDIA as textbook. SEE ALL
The Changing Media Landscape Facebook: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Music: Self-publishing and promotion Mastering Digital and Online Media Economics and Finance of Media
Mastering Social Media Twitter: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Film/Video: Low budget publishing and promotion New Media, Mass Media and Public Communication MultiMedia Reporting
Social Media for Public Relations & Businesses LinkedIn: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Online audio/radio: Self-publishing & promotion Online/Digital Journalism Interactive Writing & Design
Online Entrepreneurship Blogging: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Licensing: For business, music, books, and film Convergence Journalism Reinventing the News
Entrepreneurial/Sustainable Journalism and New Media Podcasting: Quick start, intermediate, & advanced Get online!: Affiliates, RSS, shopping carts, more Media Activism Online Media

Hot Keynotes:

  • New Media Renaissance: This keynote is an inspiring presentation that empowers people to take control of their own media destiny. It has been presented at the Western New York College Media Convention, the United Nations, Book Passage bookstore, more.

  • The Changing Media Landscape:
    It has been presented at the United Nations, Columbia University Hearst Journalism Dialogues, more.

  • Social Media for Public Relations: This keynote was presented at PRSA, NSA, Medgar Evers College, Queens College, more

  • Online Entrepreneurship: This keynote has been presented at Queens College, more.

  • Mastering Social Media:

  • Entrepreneurial/Sustainable Journalism and New Media: This keynote empowers students, faculty and practitioners to use the new media and social media tools available, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube video, blogs, podcasting, internet radio, etc - in addition to old media such as newspapers, radio, and television. Mathison uses real world case studies and best practices from leading web sites, blogs, videobloggers, podcasters, and social media practitioners. Designed to give quality hands on training through case studies and examples. Audience participation is key to the success of this keynote, and attendees are encouraged - and even trained - to use their mobile devices and laptops to live-tweet, blog, podcast, and video tape the presentation. This keynote was presented at the inaugural Western New York College Media Convention (at SUNY Brockport), Baruch College in the City University of New York, Hofstra University College of Communication, (Entrepreneurial journalism at the University of Missouri Journalism School, the University of Nebraska, Omaha, more.

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