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Start earning cash NOW with our Affiliate Program. It's "found money!"

Do you want a way to:

 Create multiple streams of income, without leaving your home or office?
 Generate passive cash flow for you or your organization?
 Monetize readers of your blog, website, newsletter, or ezine?
 Provide off-budget revenues that add to your company's bottom line?
 Pay down debts, such as credit cards, student loans, or mortgages?
 Earn extra cash to afford gifts for your loved ones, or that dream vacation?
 Put money towards your children's education, or provide them with more opportunities?
 Save more for a secure, dignified, and joyous retirement?

Join our BE THE MEDIA Affiliate program! Just three easy steps:

1. You refer a customer to us
2. They buy our products and services
3. We pay you 40% sales commission!


Its that simple! Our programs are available to everyone - individuals, groups, websites, blogs, schools, libraries, corporations, foundations, and non-profit organizations. Help your audience by connecting them to our helpful, useful, and timely books and services.

Your audience is empowered to attract more clients, get media exposure, and earn more money, which helps you to build capacity, enabling you to be more creative and to do more outreach.

Our Affiliates include:

 Individuals who earned quick cash by promoting to friends on FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter
 Websites and blogs that are monetizing their audience by offering our products and services
 Newsletter and ezine publishers that skyrocketed their earnings by promoting us to their readers
 Nonprofits that gained additional funding to survive the economic downturn
 Corporations that generated off-budget revenues to add to their bottom line
 Independent authors, musicians, writers, and filmmakers who earned extra income to finance new projects
 Networkers and multi-level marketers who were looking for new products and services to promote
 Small business owners and entrepreneurs who were able to use the revenues to invest in themselves
 Foundations that raised extra money to overcome budget and endowment shortfalls
 Stay at home moms, dads, and grandparents who lifted their personal finances and built their nest eggs
 Students who paid down loans and earned extra money by simply emailing their friends and networks
 Schools and Libraries that got a 20% discount to use our books in their classes and learning programs

Unlimited earning potential - you can do as little or as much promotion as you like. The more money you make, the more resources you have - to help others, to be more creative, to spend more quality time with family and friends, to take a vacation, to fund a charity, to have some fun.

We'll help you make money, what you do with the money is up to you!

Sign up for our Affiliate programs by clicking the link below:

For more information, please contact: sales@bethemedia.com.
Or call (516) 488-1143

OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAMS OFFER LUCRATIVE 40% COMMISSIONS We have several products and services that you can earn commission on:

SPEAKING Affiliate Program: Do you know conference organizers or event planners, or are you organizing a trade show or industry conference? Recommend David Mathison to speak and you can earn BIG money. Our keynote speaking fees are $5,000-$10,000, half-day sessions are $4,000, and one-hour presentations are $2,500. Click here for more information on our speaker services.

For example, if your referral results in a keynote speech for $5,000, your 40% commission earns you a $2,000 PAYDAY!

BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE MEDIA SUCCESS KIT: At $1,499 per Boss session, your commission is almost $600 for every student you refer to us. Click here for more about our Blockbuster Online Media Success Kit.

At $1,499.00 per session, your 40% commission is almost $600 per student:

Refer 10 students, earn $6,000
Refer 100 students, earn $60,000

COURSE Affiliate Program: At $149 per course your commission is almost $60 for every student you refer to us. Click here for more on our courses.

At $149.00 per course, your commission is almost $60 per student:

Refer 10 students, earn $600
Refer 100 students, earn $6,000

BOOK Affiliate Program: Recommend our book, BE THE MEDIA, to your friends, family, and colleagues, and you earn a 40% commission for each sale (that's almost $14 per book).

Click here for more on our book.

At $34.95 per book, your 40% commission is almost $14 per book:

Sell 10 books, earn $140
Sell 100 books, earn $1,400

Payouts: Payments are made in increments of $100. You must accrue a minimum of $100 in commissions to receive your first payment. Book price, commission rates, payment terms, timing, and delivery dates subject to change without notice. Offer limited to Affiliates residing or doing business in North America only.

For more, please refer to the full Terms and Conditions at the Affiliate sign-up page.

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How can we afford to pay such high commissions? After all, our 40% commission to you is SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than a typical author would receive from a standard publishing contract. And you don't even have to write a book - the hard work is already done!

This is because in the past, the majority of revenues from a consumer's purchase of that $20 book, CD, or DVD went to support armies of overpaid executives, lawyers, accountants, distributors, promoters, and resellers like Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon - everyone but your favorite artist.

Today, thanks to self-publishing, print-on-demand, the Internet - and the lessons learned from BE THE MEDIA - we own and control the rights to our work, and keep a higher percentage of the royalties. This means we can afford to GIVE BACK TO YOU - our fans, colleagues, nonprofits, schools, charities, and foundations. 

We CUT OUT THE INTERMEDIARIES so that we can CUT YOU IN on the proceeds. We'd rather reward our friends and fans for their support and patronage, instead of supporting faceless conglomerates. Learn more about Affiliate programs in Chapter 9 of BE THE MEDIA.

And you deserve to be rewarded. After all, you are promoting our book to your friends. Shouldn't you get compensated?

These are some of the things you will learn from BE THE MEDIA. We practice what we preach!

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We do all the work! We handle everything - order processing, packing, shipping, handling, invoicing, returns, and customer service. Our secure order processing system accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

You collect the checks! You earn money by simply referring us to your friends. Our affiliate software tracks purchases sent to us from your blog, web site, and email promotions, and properly credits your account. Your commission payments can be sent to your online bank account, through PayPal, or mailed to you by check.

Hassle-free income! Imagine: You earn multiple streams of income with no overhead, no employees to hire, no buildings to lease, no equipment to maintain, no legal paperwork, no inventory, development, or procurement. Our system is fully automated, so you earn money while you are on vacation, spending time with friends and family, at work, even while you sleep.

EASY TO USE! Our online Affiliate Resource Center provides everything you need for a successful promotion. Our eye-catching banners, logos, graphics, and ads will get a prospect's attention, and help you sell more books and services. You place our links, graphics, and promotional copy on your web site or blog. Clicking on the links or images will take customers to a secure site to purchase BE THE MEDIA, and credits you or your organization for the referral.

Simply cut-and-paste your Affiliate link and/or graphic ads into:

   Status updates on social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube
   Email: We even provide you with sample emails and sales copy that you can send to your list
   Web site/Blog: Place our links, graphics, and promotional copy on your web site or blog
   Newsletters and ezines: Include our links, graphics, and promotional copy in your newsletters and ezines
   Advertisements: Promote via advertisements on your website, blog, or in newspapers and magazines
   Offline networking: Promote at your book clubs, toastmaster gatherings, tupperware parties...whatever!

VIP Affiliates Get More Sales! For select VIP Affiliates, we will work with you to create a targeted promotion, resulting in a higher sales conversion rate. With your audience in mind, we personalize the message and modify subsequent copy based on feedback, number of sales, or other parameters, to help guarantee a successful promotion.

NOTE: Do not spam! Violators will removed from our Affiliate program, and we will withhold all commission checks.

The Affiliate Resource Center also provides detailed Reports and Statistics modules:

Reports: Find out how much you have earned in commissions with detailed, real-time sales tracking and reports. You even receive an automatic notification via email every time you refer a sale.

Statistics: To optimize your return, use the Affiliate Resource Center to review statistics and detailed data on your program. You can track and analyze different campaigns, ads, and banners to improve your results.

Sign up for our Affiliate programs by clicking the link below:

For more information, please contact: sales@bethemedia.com.
Or call (516) 488-1143

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